AC / Air Sanitizer

images/arrow-icon.png A crucial part in a car that has to be kept disinfected and sanitized at a regular time period is the Air Ducts and AC Vents. It is common for you to slide your window glasses up when the AC in your car is turned on. In a closed space such as this, the air ducts present in the car are the only major option to provide you natural air. When failing to disinfect them with sanitizers, harmful microbes can cause disease and uneasiness in breathing to all individuals present inside the car.

images/arrow-icon.png This is why using the AC / Air Sanitizer product from 5K Car Care or by availing our professional service you can be sure of the quality of the sanitization. Perfected from our years of experience our product kills disease-causing microbes from even small spaces and is easy to use. With our product, you will always breathe easier and safely inside your car.

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