Car Alloy Wheel Painting

5KNetwork is specialized in proving the Alloy Wheel Painting which would modernize the wheels to look like the new conditional feel. We use adherence technology for the clear coating and utilizing the paint for a modern look. Our paint products are off high quality and we color match the paints for the both devoted and foreign cars which are 100% guaranteed. In Alloy Wheel Painting we are differentiated from our competitors in such a way that,

images/arrow-icon.png Our touch up would not be temporary, it's a total renovate.

images/arrow-icon.png Customization of wide range of paint colors available.

images/arrow-icon.png More than 12 months guaranteed for modernize finish.

images/arrow-icon.png New specialized Alloys Wheels are available.

images/arrow-icon.png Extensive ranges of Alloy Finishes are available.