Car Branding

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5K Network has emerged as a No.1 car advertising service provider in and around coimbatore city. We are not only rich in terms of skill but also in terms of valuable experience.

We use highly skilled branding specialists in the application process. We have attention to detail that ensures the special care of your vehicle.

The branding, finishes and overall look of the advertisement on the vehicle are the most important parts of vehicle advertising, therefore we at 5K Network use only the best in branding specialists, which are highly skilled in the branding process. They are trained with an attention to detail that ensures the special care of your vehicle during the application procedure. The length of the application process can take anything from half an hour to 8 hours, depending on the design and surface of your car. Our specialists will, however, make an appointment for a time and place convenient for you. To ensure the application process goes smoothly a dust free, warm and well lit environment is preferred. We would, therefore, prefer it if the application process took place on the premises of our highly trained specialists.

Benefits of vehicle wrapping :

images/arrow-icon.png Protection of your car from stone chips, UV damage, road grime and minor abrasions (potentially expanding the lifespan of your vehicle). Once the branding has been removed the vehicle is returned to its original condition.

images/arrow-icon.png Vehicle branding can also act as a deterrent against hijackings, smash and grabs and vehicle theft, making driving a little bit safer. Some insurance companies will discount their premiums on vehicles with vehicle advertising on them as an incentive.


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